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Why couldn't my question about converting measurements be answered?

Redirected from 2 cubic ft. of mulch equals how many pounds

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If your question about converting measurements from one unit to another was redirected here, it means that the conversion is not possible. The most common is requesting a measurement of mass, such as grams or pounds, to a measurement of volume, such as milliliters or gallons. The reverse, volume to mass, is also impossible unless the density of the substance is known or given.

Another reason might be that your question was otherwise ambiguous, such as using an improper abbreviation. For example, asking How many ounces are in a kilo? is ambiguous, as "kilo" could reasonably mean either a kilogram or a kiloliter.

Make sure you are using actual units of measurement. "Pitchers", "bottles", and "glasses" are not standard units of measurement and can be of any size.

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