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Most users who answer questions do so attempting to give accurate information, however the most accurate answers include links and references to other sites that help verify the accuracy of the answer. Answers without additional verifying information should be treated as if you asked a friend a question when you weren't sure they were an expert on the topic.

Wikianswers questions can be answered by anyone. The people who answer in good faith hope that they are giving accurate information, but alas sometimes the information in some questions is not perfect. We urge everyone to take part in answering questions and make sure that if an answer is incorrect, to do their best to research the subject and improve it. All questions will leave room for improvement.

You can add a separation line then add your message and if the answer was completely untrue or inaccurate we would like you to refrain from turning the page into a debate; but without any offensive argument update it or retype the answer in your own words.

Ultimately, admins try their best to make sure an answer is "logical" enough. But spam, obscene, spiteful, dirty, vulgar and hatred answers are promptly deleted.

Everyone tries their best to keep Wikianswers a pleasant place to visit.

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