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The most common element in the universe is hydrogen and when accumulated in large amounts with the help of gravity hydrogen atoms will fuse together forming a new element helium and energy. This type of fusion is what is happening on the sun every second. Millions of tons of hydrogen are being converted into millions of tons of helium and there is a lot of engery given off. This is according to Einstein's mathmatical formula E=MC2. If the planet is big enough and has enough gravity heavier elements will be formed until Lead is formed. The millisecond lead is formed the planet will die and blow up and be the death of the star. So how do we get any elements heavier than lead? That requires a very large star called a super nova which is so massive that the elements continue to fuse creating heavier and heavier elements. When a super nova explodes then these heavier elements are released into space to again be gathered into larger and larger particles, rocks, planets until our earth was formed. All the elements that make up our planet are the result of the death of a super nova. Your body is mostly made of Carbon which was once a star. You cannot create any of these elements without a pressure and tempetures too great to produce in any lab. We can only look for ways to find the gold that lies in the crust of the earth. If you had $1,000,000.00 worth of gold you would only possess 1/27,000,000,000 of the gold on the crust of the earth.

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