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that is unlikely aizen is much stronger then any of them and it is posible that he and his other 2 captions are allso vizards at this point the favorites for beating aizen are currently yammamoto and ichigo

  • Edited* The Vizards were former captain or vice-captain class shinigami. They were already very strong. After their transformation, the limits of power had been broken, and they also had about 100 years to master their new powers, whereas Aizen, Tousen, and Gin probably haven't changed yet or have yet to fully utilize the powers.

Yamamoto is the strongest captain so he'll put up a good fight.

Ichigo is strong but he still hasn't been able to control his inner hollow. And Ichigo is a Vizard himself, albeit in a different manner, so why would he be stronger than the other Vizards?


Wonderweiss Margera arrives with a strange beast and the battle takes a turn for the worse. A large monster comes out of the fissure that Wonderweiss had gone through. Komamura recongizes the monster from before when Aizen had left Soul Society, seeing it through Aizen's fissure to Hueco Mundo. Wonderweiss suddenly appears behind Ukitake and stabs him with his arm competely through. Shunsui tries to attack Wonderweiss after stabbing Ukitake but suddenly Starrk puts his Zanpakuto gun to Shunsui's shoulder and shoots a cero directly at him. Wonderweiss then lets out a loud scream, breaking away Hitugaya's ice and blowing away the smoke surrounding Barragan from Soifon's attack. Harribel breaks free from her ice prison and Barragan is completely unharmed.

Kira tells Komamura to go help while the large monster blows away the fire surrounding Aizen, Gin and Tosen, freeing them. Kira, lost of all hope, says it's all over for the Gotei 13. Suddenly a voice interupts them all and Aizen turns around to see Shinji and the rest of the Visoreds.

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