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May he has the sharingan but he is not powerful than orochimaru.orochimaru's most jutsus has been sealed by hiruzen but he is still powerful than tsunade and kakashi.though you will not believe but he is more powerful than itachi,sasuke and of course kakashi with no doubt as he has the senjusu chakra and he can use the sage mode but his body does'nt support due to so many experiments on it.he is one of the 3 legendary sennin shinobi but his problem is he talks too much in battlefield like he was giving lecture during his battle against itachi.however if he stop talking and concentrate on fight then he can defeat others easily.and now also kakashi and tsunade are children infront of i please request you to make place for orochimaru in your likings and see his jutsus in narutowikia and also read his story.

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