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Well, I suppose as a Hunter, you can do wall jumps, as long as you are skilled enough to do it.

  • EDIT*

Yes, you jump toward a wall, the just before you hit it, turn so the wall is out of your sight. It's any other pounce after that. I don't know about pipes though -DM


Yes. A Hunter can do a pounce like in the intro, though the AI usually jump from right behind or right next to you, and Human Zombies will typically aim to pounce from higher and farther away to get a high damage pounce, so while its possible, its usually not seen. As for the above edit, you can pounce the wall, and turn after you hit it. Not seeing it only matters when you actually make your pounce. :3

While you can "jump" off the wall like the movie, you cannot hang there then jump, you must walk like a survivor does, crouch or wall jump. ~sirjustin0

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