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In Age of Apocalypse she can touch magneto, due to the fact that they both have magnetic based powers. I'm not sure if that's true in the mainstream continuity.

Also in the movies she could touch Ice Man if he put his Ice between the two of them. Both of these have been tried and worked in Mainstream Continuity as well as touching Gambit if he projects his energy field around his skin. However the answer to your question really is no since she is not actually touching any of these people. They are putting some form of energy between them and her. It's the same as her putting gloves on. She won't be able to touch someone until she learns to control her own powers.

But,there is an instance where she touches Ms.Marvel and only absorbs her powers permanently,leaving Ms.Marvel unharmed

Currently, yes. After the Messiah Complex saga, Rogue was still capable of absorbing memories and abilities the way she usually did, but after being touched by the mutant baby, she no longer causes any kind of concussive trauma to whoever she touches. DiamondStarHalo 18:27, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

In the mainstream continuity she and Magneto could touch ala the Savage Land time frame. However a different writer also showed her able to touch Magneto during Magik's funeral and absorb at least a part of his powers. So perhaps he had a skin level force field on in the Savage Land affair.

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