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No, only vampires can make poeple be vampires. People biting the necks of others are either deviants or cannibals. However, turning into a vampire is rare these days, as vampires are on the critically endangered list. Since they have become endangered, they have resorted to consuming the plasma of non human animals, as one of the main causes of their demise was a taste for human plasma. Some types of vampire, including the Nos Feratu have been wiped out by careless vampire hunters altogether. Most suffer serious mental problems and become suicidal due to their lives never ending. Almost all have extremely serious vitamin D deficiencies. It is not all grim news though, recent resurgences in the human need for immortality has led to activism on the part of humans for the preservation of the vampire, in exchange for the vampire granting them what is known as 'the gift'. Most often, activists are seen in public places, by themselves, holding up signs in order to make people aware of the plight of the vampire. Many a vampire has met an activist this way and granted the activist 'the gift' of immortality. Should you wish to make contact with a vampire, I suggest you take to the street by yourself and protest the plight of the vampire. However, you will only have a limited number of chances to do this, as once the gift is granted, your protests will be limited to the darker hours of the day, when people are not usually congregating in public places, thereby reducing your chances of raising awareness.

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