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Well, the simple answer is that they can't have babies because they don't exist (in the supernatural sense), but that's not what you meant, right? Whether vampires can have babies depends on what sort of vampire lore you're talking about. In much recent fiction, they certainly do. In J.R. Ward's excellent Black Dagger Brotherhood novels, the vampires reproduce the same way humans do (but the gestation period is much longer). Stephenie Meyer drew upon tales of the supernatural seducer known as the incubus (reputed to feed off of its victim's life force, but not necessarily to drink blood) in creating the circumstance of the vampire Edward fathering a child (half vampire, half human) with his human wife Bella. In general, conventional wisdom suggests no need for vampires to have babies - they are the undead, immortal, and therefore have no need to reproduce their kind - and if they did feel the need to increase their numbers they would have only to nip some unsuspecting human on the neck. Furthermore, for all the sexual allure that has been wrapped up into the vampire myth in the past century or so, it's only recently that most of us have been open to the idea of vampires having a warm and tender side such as would lend itself to family living. (Vampire sexuality tends to be portrayed as predatorial and, well, vampish.) The earliest understanding of vampires in Western culture was that they were demons, or had taken on a demonic nature - hardly compatible with childbearing. So, the short answer to your question is, traditionally - probably not. But there's no hard and fast law against it. ;-)

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