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Plain and simply the answer is yes. Of course it is not recommended. I started with weed, went to coke, then x, finally made my way to vics, percs, oxys, and eventually roxies... and heroin. You are on a downward spiral my friend.... but anyway... how to have fun:

If you have ever messed with heroin, it is the same concept as chasin the dragon.

Get a piece of aluminum foil, about 5" x 5"

IMPORTANT: 'cure' the shiny side of the aluminum foil, this is done by holding a lighter (i prefer to just use a stove) and move the shiny side around, you should see some smoke and it will eventually stop meaning you are done... it usually takes around 20 seconds.

Make yourself a tooter by getting a pen and wrapping another 5" x 5" piece of aluminum foil around it making sure you crimp the top together as you pull the pen out... or you could just use the pen or the straw ( roxies wont leave a residue like heroin does on an aluminum foil tooter so just use a pen and save sometime)

Put a piece of the roxie in the middle of the aluminum foil ( start with about a quarter of one)

Get one of those cheap adjustable lighters and set it to the lowest flame.

Make sure you have your tooter right BEHIND your roxy before you begin lighting and that you are constantly inhaling while you have the flame lit

You are lighting from underneath the aluminum foil while your roxy is on the shiny side... remember that you aren't trying to 'smoke' the roxy but rather vaporize it and inhale the vapor which appears as smoke. if you are inhaling smoke that means you have burnt the roxy which breaks down the binders and you most likely won't feel anything.

Anyway, while you are lighting from underneath and inhaling you need to start turning the foil so that the roxy starts moving and at this point it should be a little liquid droplet.... just keep inhaling till it turns black

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