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There are 25 subcategories in this category:

[×] Maya Angelou(42 questions)
[×] Judy Blume(10 questions)
[×] Lewis Carroll(23 questions)
[×] Roald Dahl(331 questions)
[×] Dick King-Smith(53 questions)
[×] Charles Dickens(139 questions)
[×] Emily Dickinson(10 questions)
[×] Anne Frank(213 questions)
[×] Robert Frost(29 questions)
[×] Victor Hugo(4 questions)
[×] Stephen King(20 questions)
C. S. Lewis(45 questions)
[×] Stephenie Meyer(43 questions)
[×] Edgar Allan Poe(130 questions)
J. K. Rowling(264 questions)
[×] Dr. Seuss(45 questions)
William Shakespeare(543 questions)
[×] Darren Shan(11 questions)
[×] Lemony Snicket(11 questions)
John Steinbeck(27 questions)
[×] R. L. Stine(33 questions)
[×] Jonathan Swift(1 question)
J. R. R. Tolkien(16 questions)
[×] Mark Twain(66 questions)
Jules Verne(3 questions)

There are currently 84 questions in this category.

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