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This category is for categories using the {{CategoryModule}} template that do not currently include a description in Module:CategoryDescription/descriptions. Note that this category may still have a description on its page; this should be transferred into the module if possible.
There are 500 subcategories in this category:

Native Americans(61 questions)
[×] .hack(29 questions)
[×] 2014 Winter Olympics(31 questions)
[×] 24(128 questions)
[×] The 39 Clues(338 questions)
[×] A Midsummer Night's Dream(21 questions)
[×] Aardvarks(11 questions)
[×] Abbreviations(49 questions)
[×] Abortion(41 questions)
[×] Accounting(25 questions)
[×] Action Replay(464 questions)
[×] Active Directory(16 questions)
Acura(14 questions)
[×] Acura TL(18 questions)
[×] Addition(43 questions)
[×] AdventureQuest Worlds(940 questions)
[×] Aeronautics(7 questions)
Africa(1203 questions)
[×] African elephants(52 questions)
[×] Age of Champions(8 questions)
[×] Age of Conan: Unchained(25 questions)
[×] Age of Empires III(7 questions)
[×] Age of Mythology(10 questions)
[×] Agriculture(51 questions)
[×] Ahsoka Tano(374 questions)
[×] Aion(91 questions)
[×] Air Gear(2 questions)
Aircraft(202 questions)
[×] Airplanes(422 questions)
[×] Akon(39 questions)
[×] Alabama(247 questions)
[×] Alaska(380 questions)
Alberta(94 questions)
Alcohol(78 questions)
[×] Alexander the Great(27 questions)
[×] Algebra(178 questions)
[×] Aliens vs. Predator(13 questions)
[×] Alligators(132 questions)
[×] Alxemy(704 questions)
[×] Alzheimer's disease(15 questions)
[×] Amazon River(80 questions)
[×] Amelia Earhart(4 questions)
[×] American Civil War(48 questions)
[×] American Dad(36 questions)
American football(184 questions)
[×] American Girl Dolls(78 questions)
[×] American Revolution(334 questions)
[×] Amish and Mennonites(41 questions)
Amphibians(161 questions)
[×] Anacondas(70 questions)
[×] Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader(582 questions)
[×] Anakin Solo(21 questions)
[×] Analogies(3 questions)
[×] Anatomy(138 questions)
Ancient Egypt(534 questions)
[×] Ancient Egyptian religion(22 questions)
Ancient Greece(427 questions)
[×] Ancient Greek art(1 question)
Ancient Greek literature(2 questions)
[×] Ancient Greek Olympics(139 questions)
Ancient History(41 questions)
[×] Ancient Israel(70 questions)
Ancient Rome(932 questions)
[×] Andes(96 questions)
[×] Andy Warhol(8 questions)
[×] Maya Angelou(45 questions)
[×] Anglican(97 questions)
[×] Anglo-Saxons(8 questions)
[×] Animal Crossing(159 questions)
Animal Jam(17 questions)
Animals(1258 questions)
[×] Anne Boleyn(18 questions)
[×] Antarctica(253 questions)
[×] Anteaters(76 questions)
[×] Antelope(45 questions)
[×] Anthrax(1 question)
[×] Antivirus software(9 questions)
[×] Antonyms(621 questions)
[×] Ants(410 questions)
[×] Anzac Day(34 questions)
[×] Apache(2 questions)
[×] Apes(1 question)
Apollo 11(78 questions)
[×] Apollo 13(24 questions)
Apollo missions(22 questions)
[×] Appalachian Mountains(46 questions)
Apple Inc.(16 questions)
Arachnids(20 questions)
Arcade video games(3 questions)
[×] Archaeology(46 questions)
[×] Archery(23 questions)
Architecture(64 questions)
[×] Archives(11 questions)
[×] Aristotle(4 questions)
Arizona(279 questions)
[×] Arkansas(104 questions)
[×] Arlington(26 questions)
[×] Armadillos(82 questions)
[×] Arnis(84 questions)
[×] Around the World in Eighty Days(5 questions)
Art(129 questions)
[×] Artemis Fowl(27 questions)
Arthropods(66 questions)
Artists(29 questions)
[×] AruaROSE(114 questions)
[×] Aruba(13 questions)
[×] As You Like It(4 questions)
[×] Asajj Ventress(79 questions)
[×] Asheron's Call(18 questions)
[×] Ashley Tisdale(35 questions)
Asia(30 questions)
[×] Asian elephants(34 questions)
[×] Asteroids(275 questions)
[×] Asthma(71 questions)
[×] Aston Merrygold(48 questions)
[×] Astrology(19 questions)
Astronauts(5 questions)
Astronomers(6 questions)
Astronomy(290 questions)
[×] Athens, Georgia(18 questions)
Athletes(14 questions)
[×] Atlanta Braves(10 questions)
[×] Atlantica Online(8 questions)
ATVs(9 questions)
[×] Audi(39 questions)
[×] August(74 questions)
[×] Auschwitz(28 questions)
[×] Australian football(5 questions)
Australian native mammals(4 questions)
Australians(5 questions)
[×] Austria-Hungary(6 questions)
Austrian people(empty)
Austronesian languages(empty)
Authors(89 questions)
Auto racing(11 questions)
[×] AutoCAD(5 questions)
[×] Avatar (movie)(158 questions)
[×] Avatar: The Last Airbender(317 questions)
[×] Aztecs(27 questions)
[×] Charles Babbage(19 questions)
Babies(33 questions)
[×] Bacteria(454 questions)
[×] Badgers(29 questions)
[×] Badminton(91 questions)
[×] Bakugan(433 questions)
[×] Bald eagles(6 questions)
[×] Ballet(8 questions)
Bands(65 questions)
[×] Banking(27 questions)
[×] Baptist Church(2 questions)
[×] Barcelona(96 questions)
Basketball(592 questions)
[×] Bassoon(18 questions)
[×] Batman(125 questions)
[×] Bats(449 questions)
[×] Bayonetta(11 questions)
[×] Beanie Babies(12 questions)
[×] Bearded dragons(64 questions)
Bears(41 questions)
[×] Beer(12 questions)
[×] Bees(25 questions)
[×] Alexander Graham Bell(74 questions)
[×] Bentley(2 questions)
[×] Karl Benz(32 questions)
Beverages(30 questions)
[×] Beyoncé Knowles(151 questions)
[×] Bicycling(332 questions)
[×] Bin Weevils(474 questions)
[×] Biochemistry(27 questions)
[×] BioShock(256 questions)
BioShock series(empty)
Birds(307 questions)
Birth control(165 questions)
[×] Bison(17 questions)
[×] Black bears(37 questions)
[×] Black Beauty(18 questions)
[×] Blackbeard(3 questions)
[×] Bleach(1106 questions)
[×] Blog posts(74 questions)
[×] Orlando Bloom(17 questions)
[×] Blue whales(89 questions)
[×] Judy Blume(11 questions)
[×] BMW(33 questions)
Boa(30 questions)
Board games(48 questions)
[×] Boats(42 questions)
[×] Boba Fett(201 questions)
[×] Bobcats and lynxes(219 questions)
[×] Bon Jovi(22 questions)
[×] Bones (television series)(11 questions)
Books(341 questions)
[×] Borderlands series(399 questions)
[×] Boston(335 questions)
[×] Bowling(7 questions)
Boxers(1 question)
[×] Boxing(23 questions)
[×] Breast cancer(84 questions)
[×] Breastfeeding(2 questions)

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