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There are 39 subcategories in this category:

[×] Aliens vs. Predator(13 questions)
[×] Alvin and the Chipmunks(91 questions)
[×] Avatar (movie)(158 questions)
[×] Clash of the Titans(8 questions)
[×] Dune(29 questions)
[×] Final Destination movies(7 questions)
[×] Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children(11 questions)
[×] Finding Nemo(34 questions)
[×] Frozen(6 questions)
[×] Ghostbusters(40 questions)
[×] Godzilla(114 questions)
[×] Harry Potter(3435 questions)
[×] Horror films(27 questions)
[×] The Hunger Games(834 questions)
[×] Ice Age series(18 questions)
[×] Indiana Jones(43 questions)
[×] It's a Wonderful Life(1 question)
[×] Jurassic Park(68 questions)
[×] The Lion King(121 questions)
[×] The Little Mermaid(16 questions)
[×] Madagascar (movie)(23 questions)
[×] Pirates of the Caribbean(35 questions)
[×] Shrek(100 questions)
Star Trek(788 questions)
Star Trek movies(empty)
Star Wars movies(2 questions)
[×] Terminator(68 questions)
[×] The Dukes of Hazzard(10 questions)
[×] The Godfather(22 questions)
[×] The Land Before Time(14 questions)
[×] Toy Story(30 questions)
[×] Toy Story 2(10 questions)
[×] Toy Story 3(30 questions)
[×] Twilight(1538 questions)
[×] Whale Rider(1 question)
[×] The Wizard of Oz(99 questions)

There are currently 828 questions in this category.

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