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There are 33 subcategories in this category:

American football(185 questions)
[×] Archery(20 questions)
Athletes(14 questions)
[×] Australian football(5 questions)
Auto racing(11 questions)
[×] Badminton(85 questions)
Baseball(567 questions)
Basketball(571 questions)
[×] Bicycling(332 questions)
[×] Bowling(7 questions)
[×] Boxing(22 questions)
[×] Cricket(30 questions)
Dancing(42 questions)
[×] Fishing(18 questions)
[×] Golf(26 questions)
Hockey(260 questions)
[×] Ice skating(95 questions)
[×] Luge and bobsledding(47 questions)
Martial arts(65 questions)
Olympics(1325 questions)
[×] Ping-pong(58 questions)
[×] Rugby(7 questions)
[×] Skateboarding(109 questions)
[×] Skiing(183 questions)
[×] Snowboarding(43 questions)
Soccer (association football)(693 questions)
[×] Softball(48 questions)
[×] Swimming(16 questions)
[×] Swimming pools(17 questions)
[×] Tennis(288 questions)
[×] Track and field(28 questions)
[×] Volleyball(92 questions)
[×] Wrestling(32 questions)

There are currently 579 questions in this category.

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Answered questions

Here are 107 answered questions.

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Here are 60 unanswered questions.

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