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Did the victorians have pubs?

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Yes. Very much so. Drinking was much more popular then than it is even now in the Victorian era. The temperance movement and the salvation army created a section of people within society who thought drinking was bad, however. These people campaigned for the closing of the pubs and the banning of alcohol, and called for all men to stay teetotal. Calling alcohol 'ungodly', they tried to convert British ways, but not all that many people listened.

People drank beer historically beacause the water was badly polluted. Brewing the water into beer purified it and made it safe to drink. It wasn't until victorian times that sewers were installed and clean water provided, but 1000 years of beer-drinking, pub-going history was not going to be washed away in a hurry! Many, many victorian pubs still exist to this day.

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