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Does Percy Jackson love Annabeth Chase?

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As they are dating at the end of TLO, I would say yes. Also when annabeth takes the knife for Percy in TLO he yells "No One Touches Her!" which is a hint also before going to battle the minator (again) he asks her "could I have one kiss for luck it's a tradition right" And her answer is "come back alive seaweed brain and we'l see" she Also kisses him on the cheek in sea of monsters has strong feeling for him but won't admit it and neither will he in titans curse, in battle of the labryinth she kisses him on the lips because (she loves him) and shought he was't coming back also when she is performing a funeral ritual and he comes back she hugs enough to make a scene, and finnaly in the end of TLO percy and annabeth kiss on the lips one on land and one underwater.

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