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sasuke does care for sakura remember when sasuke activated the curse mark in forest of death he asked sakura who hurt her and that anger was a boost to protect her.

But now in Shippuden, he would kill ANYONE(including sakura) who gets in his way of destroying Konoha. So the answer is, perhaps he used to but now he definitely doesn't.

MY OPINION: This is just the way sasuke is. he does all those things to protect his friends. even if he loves sakura, he knew that if she leaft the village with him, she would be in dangerous! he is only thinking about everyone else than about him. he isnt going to destroy konoha, he is just going to sacrifice himself to kill the stupid danzo! everyone should thank him! he killed orochimaru and he is with akatsuki not because he wants... (maybe he will create a plan to kill them as he did with orochimaru) anyway, sasuke isnt a bad guy! try to think about is point of view, sometimes!

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