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Well, unless she was assigned to the Enterprise, it's highly unlikely that she survived Nero's attack on the fleet as they reach Vulcan.It's never explicitly stated that she did, although she is conspicuously absent from the final scene in the hall.

However, I don't think that she was assigned to the Enterprise, due to her only role in the movie being a promiscuous woman, whose only purposes in the movie were 1) fan service in the form of being in only her underwear and 2) to reinforce the way "new" Kirk treats people (women specifically).

If you are referring instead to the incident involving the Ferengi Gaila (Quark's cousin who owned a moon), he did indeed survive the encounter on Deep Space Nine between the Regent of Palamar and General Nassuc, only to lose his fortunes (and his moon). It is unclear if helping to save Quark's mom from the Dominion helped his economic status.

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