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TItalic textechnically, water(H2O), evaporates at the same rate. But, if you have equal amounts of fresh water and salt water, the salt water will SEEM to evaporate faster. That's because the fresh water is mocome on what ever!stly H2O. Therefore, there is more H2O to evaporate with the freshwater. The saltwater, on the other hand, has H2O AND NaCl (salt). What would happen is that the water from the saltwater would evaporate, leaving behind a layer of salt. We call these evaporites - e.g the Bonneville salt flats are dried up (primordial) lakes/seas. That's the reason they're so flat!

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and when it's under the sun or laight slat water do seem 2 go faster and H20

Salt water will evaporate faster than fresh water because salt water raises its boiling point.

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