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Yes,it works:

Step 1: Prepping the shirt


Slide a piece of cardboard (or other type of sturdy board) inside the shirt where you’ll be stenciling. This will give you a nice flat surface to work on and prevent the spray paint from leaking onto the back of the shirt.

Smooth out the t-shirt, making sure there are no lumps or folds. Next, you want to tuck the sleeves underneath so they’re out of the way. Congrats, the prepping is complete!

Step 2: Lay down the stencil


Think about where you’d like the stencil and lay it down on the shirt accordingly. As you can see, our CAN JAM stencil is attached to a large board. This will protect the shirt from being misted outside the stencil. However, if you want a messy/artsy look forget about the protective shield.

Step 3: Clear Finish

Clear finish Step3

Before applying color, you’ll want to spray a clear finish over areas to be stenciled. This will control the spray paint better and prevent paint from soaking into the shirt. Once an even layer is sprayed over the stencil area, let it dry before moving on to the next step. To speed up the drying process, use a hair dryer.

Step 4: Apply Color


Now comes the fun part, adding color! Make sure to shake the spray paint can thoroughly before spraying. Hold the can a few inched from the shirt and spray until you have a nice coating over the whole stencil. You can use one color or make layers of multiple colors, the choice is yours.


Once you have your colors laid out, use the hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Step 5: Take a look at your masterpiece!


Time to reveal the final design! Carefully lift the stencil off the shirt and admire your creation. You may want to wait before touching the spray painted area as it might still be wet.