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Welcome to the help desk. This is a place to ask for help related to Wikianswers from other members of this wiki. If you are require help on another wiki, please use the Community Central Forums. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below then click "Add new topic".

Please note: Staff are not necessarily monitoring this forum, so bug reports need to be made using Special:Contact. Questions about CSS fixes should be asked on Wikia's central forums so that other Wikians can assist with this. For example, how to add or remove elements from the skin is something that can be done with CSS.

For other sources of help, please see the help category.

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TopicLast EditLast Author
An idea17:23, June 15, 2017ERS 7
What's causing this spam20:45, May 7, 2017Grynd
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Delete wikia profile and "unjoin" a wikia?17:20, November 11, 2014I am not me
Sitenotice illegible as font-size increases13:38, December 22, 2013CzechOut
Abusive User?23:42, November 22, 2013MuudyBot
My question is being rediricted for no reason05:21, November 3, 2013I am not me
My "Recent Unanswered Questions" side panel list doesn't update13:21, October 5, 2013MuudyBot
Opinion Questions: To erase, to redirect or to keep?20:37, October 4, 2013MuudyBot
Category count inaccurate or misleading17:50, July 15, 2013MuudyBot
Why do my questions keep getting redirected?22:33, May 3, 2013Westside JDM
Spamming ip address12:05, January 24, 2013I am not me
How do I change my Wikia page?00:00, January 10, 2013I am a bot
When visiting the wiki, please remember to check these...01:37, December 21, 2012Molokaicreeper
Finding out percentage of questions answered01:17, December 2, 2010Fandyllic
Handling a user18:47, September 4, 2010Zekk skywalk
I can't figure out how to Export/Import to my new Answer wiki01:03, July 20, 2010Fandyllic
Is the randomuserswithavatars tag only supported in Answers skin?05:56, July 7, 2010Fandyllic
Changing the wiki Name? Possible?22:10, June 19, 2010Fandyllic
Manager rights request21:24, June 18, 2010I-20
New User Pages00:55, June 16, 2010Whiteguru
Wikiback22:25, June 5, 2010Whiteguru
Way to make answering available only to registered users?16:44, June 2, 2010Fandyllic
Tried asking on the top of the page but was redirected to search...03:33, June 2, 2010Molokaicreeper
New category needed03:16, May 17, 2010Angela
How do I create a new Answer page for the wiki I work on?03:07, May 17, 2010Angela
Latest changes15:33, May 12, 2010Shahid
Category trouble18:40, May 4, 2010Goblincleaver
The Vault Answers = mess16:03, April 21, 2010Molokaicreeper
Changes to Answer page18:53, April 19, 2010Shahid
Banned02:57, March 1, 2010The 888th Avatar
Editing Media Wiki08:48, February 27, 2010The 888th Avatar
"Create" category?00:53, February 27, 2010Bunai Di
Broken Awards Image00:17, February 27, 2010Angela
In other Languages08:49, February 7, 2010Fandyllic
Abusive IP address10:28, January 28, 2010Whiteguru
Bug: Template categories are broken17:17, January 26, 2010Fandyllic
Non-dumbed-down category pages?12:46, January 25, 2010Whiteguru
Annoying javascript shift of focus anytime you click on page21:39, January 15, 2010Tlosk
Extension hook?11:41, December 27, 2009Koisuru
Possible edit point glitch01:12, December 16, 2009Shahid
Hypothetical medical and health questions20:07, December 6, 2009ResearchBiz
Bad magic answers output01:04, December 1, 2009Angela
Log in issues00:32, November 19, 2009Shahid
Visitors use question box as search box16:47, October 25, 2009Tlosk
Spam Filter06:44, October 24, 2009Whiteguru
Bug: Slashes disable editing of questions07:50, October 11, 2009Angela
Explanation for hidden AFF1 category07:03, October 9, 2009Angela
Wikianswers profile display bug, Fav categories21:43, July 30, 2009Fandyllic
A few issues10:00, July 27, 2009RobJ1981
What are View Relationship Requests and View Relationships for exactly?17:48, July 12, 2009Angela
Wikianswers widget seems lame11:05, July 2, 2009Angela
Edit box size10:03, June 26, 2009M.mendel
Name coinciding23:16, June 24, 2009Fandyllic
Removing categories?13:36, June 14, 2009Sixorish
How to keep the un-answered category?16:09, June 4, 2009Angela
Is it a bug that questions with added categories appear in Recently Answered Questions?21:23, June 3, 2009Angela
Possible Wiki glitch21:51, May 29, 2009Buckimion
Welcome to the help desk23:15, December 23, 2008Default