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Talks about the possibility of the biggest butterfly/moth in the world living in Australia. It is called the Atlas Moth, as big as a foot long (12 inches or 30 centimeters). These beautiful works of nature are a delight to see:

Atlas moth female

However there has been evidence recorded that nocturnal moths have been seen in the Amazon Rainforest that are thought to be at least 18 inches. They are called the Emperor Moth, the ones encountered (pictured) by humans have been recorded to be up to 30 centimeters (like the above mentioned). Some researchers agree that the sizes recorded are inconclusive.

Such is the case in the game called "The Amazon Trail 3rd edition" which describes the Emperor Moth being as big as 18 inches (what a shocker) due to the fact that in deep dark unexplored areas in the rainforest (that man has yet to discover) animals and plants grow to extremely large sizes and their age is usually lengthened, even as much as twice what the recorded size for any moth.

This page confirms the biggest Emperor Moth recorded at a foot long (12 inches or 30 centimeters) as well.

Researchers who have been nearby, fairly close to the Emperor Moth say, that the breeze they feel when the moth is around is incredible, and if perhaps a human should be encountered by one of these; it is presumed that the person perhaps could even drop from the momentum from the movements of the wings.

The largest Emperor moth picture available for public view in wikipedia:

Rothschildia jacobaea01

More about Amazon Rainforest insects:

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