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1.Equip yourself with high-sharpness Dual swords or Longsword.

2.Prepare a trap.Pitfall trap will be nice.

3.The Jungle one is easier to kill than the Swamp one.

4.Bring Power Juice if you are using Dual swords.

5.Bring extra deodarants

6. Note that it'll release 'gas' if it saw you and when it gets angry.

7.It'll spit fire or poisonous gas(in the swamp) if it eats Fire Herb or Toadstool respectively.

8.When it gets angry,if your defense is below 150,stay away from it.

9.Smash it hard when it's trapped!

10.In the Jungle,it may sleep in land 6. In the Swamp,it will rest in land 7.

11.Paintball works well on it.

12.It is weakest to Fire.

13.Roll frequently in your battle.

14.Train yourself in the Training School first!

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