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How can I come to Frosthold as a level 71?

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The only way to get to Frosthold in Storm Peaks is by flight, so at level 71, you would have to have a flying mount and get a [Tome of Cold Weather Flight] {{#if:{{{[[Template:}}}|}}}|}}{{#ifeq:||| item article at WoWWiki icon stamp WoWWiki.]]}} from a level 80 main on the same account.

Or, as with nearly any other place, join a warlock with a [Soul Shard] {{#if:{{{[[Template:}}}|}}}|}}{{#ifeq:||| item article at WoWWiki icon stamp WoWWiki.]]}} in a party of 3 or more (2 people with the warlock already) who is already at Frosthold to use their Ritual of Summoning spell and summon you there.

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