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Educate yourself first about a medical therapy called Intravenous Chelation.

There is a substance, called E.D.T.A., which, among others, when administered intravenously, will bind and then cause to be eliminated from the body, various heavy metals, including excess calcium, lead, mercury, cadmium and various other dangerous and toxic such heavy metal substances.

There are various, legitimate and legal/approved hospitals and clinics which perform, and are allowed to perform, this procedure, by the appropriate, governing and overseeing quasi-government related agencies, such as the F.D.A. etc.

It is worthy to note here, that such poisonous heavy metals tend to build up in all of us, over time, and especially if exposed to some hazardous, high level, or occupational level of exposure, and, further, that such metals tend to never come out of us, apart from a procedure like this, and actually may the or a large source of free radical production in our bodies.

These excessive free radicals, in turn, actually circulate through the blood vessels and irritate and damage them, causing them to gradually *swell shut* more and more. That's right, blood vessels do not get occluded or clogged with free floating 'plaque' or cholesterols, good or 'bad' (there is no such thing as 'bad' cholesterol btw), they rather swell closed from the inside, because of free radical damage, as well as excessive calcium in the blood, which can be dangerous, obviously, leading to heart attack and strokes.

Now, the former part of this answer, you are free to search out a local facility that will supervise responsibly your IV chelation/EDTA therapy treatments, but the latter half of the above, of course, every one of the allopathic, that is, pharmaceutical industry supporting and supported, 'diet dictocrat' big-pharma F.D.A.-mafia protected 'Doctors' will take great offense and exception to, and deny and argue against this idea furiously, but I thought it was necessary to include it in your answer, as it is fundamentally related to your question and everything that your questions begets, because, you see, I am 'true' 'doctor', like Hippocrates himself, who is attempting to help you, freely, free of charge, and who first does no harm to you, and second, says let your foods be your medicine, as it were.

Our modern day 'doctors', for the most part, have long forgotten and abandoned all such concepts for big-pharma 'filthy lucre' as it were, but even their/those days may drawing to a close now.

And in conclusion, be very wary of any 'Oral Chelation' therapy 'supplements' out there, as in 'buyer be ware, very ware'....further, it is crucial to never under go any chelation therapy to rapidly, or too intensely, it must be done piecemeal, and gradually, slowly, just like any detox program, 'rapid detox', in the case of chelation, could be fatal, due to overloading the system and kidneys with dislodged/bound heavy metals. If you have pre-existing kidney or liver problems, this may not be for you. Be sure to let any practitioner know of such conditions.

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