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It depends on what type of cake you are making. Their are many different kinds of cake that you can choose from. Such as, Butter Half cake, Pound Cake, Chocolate cake, and more.

If you mean," How can i make a cake", refering to runescape, its simple and easy! In Runescape, you can only choose the option of a regular cake (Cake) or a chocolate cake (Chocolate Cake).

Runescape Steps: Materials 1. Empty pot (can have more than 1) 2. Bucket of milk (can have more than one) 3. An egg (can have more than 1) 4. A cake tin (can have more than 1) 5. Pot of Flour (can be more than 1; this item can be obtained by using some Grain with a flour mill).

  • These items can be bought from another player or from the Grand Exchange in Varrock. (If you want to buy these items in the Grand Exchange 'much easier', pull up the Map right next to your minimap and type in: Grand Exchange and press enter).

Cooking the cake: All you have to do is: Mix all the items into the cake tin and cook it on a stove.

  • Stoves can be found in the Cooking Guild next to Varrock's West bank and outside the Grand Exchange; inside Lumbridge Castle where the Chef is (right next to the stairs).

Hope this clears things up for you. If you are still having troulbe baking the cake, private message me on Runescape. Happy Gaming! Good Luck! =)


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