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How can I make a website?

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The easiest thing today is making a CMS-Website. This stands for Content Management System. It uses a database. So the webspace of your provider should offfer database support for mysql-databases for example. You need about 100mb of webspace to start with. If you want to add a Photo-Gallery you need more webspace of course. There are many webspace providers with different pricing and offers that are worth comparing. Ask for the best webspace-providers. Then you install A CMS like for example Joomla! on your webspace. Joomla! is one of the best CMS and very easy to use. You can make a really easy website and use it for even professional websites. So starting with a CMS you have all the possibilities to go on developing for years without experiencing any borders or stuff you cannot do. An alternative would be a static html website which I would not recommend. This website would be written in html and you would have to enter in the source code for any content change. In a CMS like Joomla! you just enter a backend that is very user-friendly and the text-editors MS Word-like. You just write your text, choose where on your site to publish and click on "Publish" and there you go. Just surf to[1] and enjoy the biggest community you will find for a CMS. All the people there are very helpful and friendly and get you started and guide you through the process. Calculate about 2 months of relaxed reading, searching, looking up questions and so on after work if you start from zero to have your own website I would say. You should already start and write content whenever possible so when you have your website you can publish stuff which is most important to get listed on search-engines. Moreover knowing what you want to publish helps you in designing the menu structure of your website. Cheers and enjoy. Fabs

For example for some great joomla-websites have a look here:[2][3][4][5][6]

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