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Like any operation system and any graphical (GUI) system, X-Windows uses fonts. You can install and configure fonts for most window managers and programs. You can set fonts for most text based console programs and GUI programs.

X-Windows font system is configured in two systems. The Core X fonts are the older font system for fonts in the X-Windows System, and Fontconfig is the new system for fonts in X-Windows. Both are used in all X-Windows systems.

The core X fonts are the older font system for fonts in the X-Windows System. Even though is is the old system, its is still used, and is necessary for many functions.

The program xlsfonts can be used for listing all installed fonts, as well as their properties.

X-Windows font types Edit

  • Common font types
    • Bitmap fonts
      • Binary distribution format *.bdf
      • Portable Compiled Font (*.pcf or *.pcf.gz)
      • Server normal format *.snf (obsolete)
    • TrueType, freetype or opentype
      • (*.ttf)
      • *.ttc
      • Open Type Font Format (*.otf)
    • Type 1
      • Adobe Type 1 PostScript Font Binary (*.pfb)
      • Adobe Type 1 PostScript Font ASCII (*.pfa)
      • Adobe/Outlined Font Metrics (*.afm)
      • CID-keyed font, or CIDFont
    • Speedo
      • Bitstream Speedo outline font format (*.spd)

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