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Using Google Chrome, right click on the page and select "Inspect Element."

A new box will appear on the bottom half of the browser window.

At the top of this new window is a series of clickable tabs- you'll be on "Elements."

Just to the right of this, click on tab called "Resources."

Along the left side will now be a list of tabs with arrows next to their names(left side).

You want to expand Frames.

Then expand the tab with numbers in paranthesis (000000).

Then click on the word images- this will expand it to show a list of files with little tiny pictures next to their names.

The files will be named things like 0004a9f1-000-fhjg, etc.

Clicking on the first one will most likely display a users profile pic in the center of the frame. If you're lucky it'll be the full size image.

Using the arrow keys, keep pushing down until the photo you want is displayed in full size.

Right click on the picture and tell it to open the picture in a new tab.

Switch to the new tab and right click on the picture to save it.

Give it a nice new name while you're doing this, so you know what it is. I personally use an image browser/previewer on my computer, so I use Fetlife_<user name>_<image number>.jpg

This works great on the K&P page- there are few user profile pics- most are fullsized images.

Remember to never repost content you do not have rights to, or present it as your own work. I have long periods of no internet, and use it as viewing material.

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