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If you're suffering from pneumonia, it is imperative that you consult a physician right away. Here are some ways to recover faster from pneumonia:

  1. Antibiotics Take the drugs prescribed by your doctor. Medicine will depend on the kind of pneumonia you have. Bacterial pneumonia is usually treated by antibiotics. Even if you start to feel better once you've taken them, don't stop and be sure that you complete the full course of antibiotics prescribed. Viral pneumonias are not curable by antibiotics, so they are usually treated like a serious case of flu-through rest and plenty of fluids. If your pneumonia is caused by a fungus, then antifungal medication is administered. Aside from these medications, the doctor may give you medicines to treat your fever, body aches, and cough.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Pneumonia comes with fever most of the time so you should keep yourself hydrated in order to reduce the risk of becoming dehydrated by the heat. Drinking lots of fluid also helps get the phlegm out, especially if you have a productive cough, as is often the case in bacterial pneumonia.
  3. Sleep. Get plenty of rest. Do not overexert yourself. You will only worsen the symptoms and your fatigue. As much as you can, get the proper dosage of sleep, at least 8 to 10 hours every night. Don't sleep too late; preferably, sleep before 12 midnight. Avoid work that will put a strain on your lungs and breathing.
  4. Stop smoking. If you have a smoking habit, it's best if you quit that altogether. The lungs are already battered enough with the disease without you having to contribute to its condition by smoking. Smoking may exacerbate the condition and may even cause you to develop other diseases on top of pneumonia.
  5. Regularly go for check-ups. Even if you're already feeling better, it's important that you keep having regular check-ups until the doctor has fully cleared you of the disease. Frequent check-ups will also help find any new complications at an early time, before they develop into something more serious.

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