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Although calcium is vital to the health of our bones and soft tissues, it can build up in our bodies, contributing to hard deposits, bone spurs, and the hardening of plaque in blood vessels, especially if there are deficiencies of critical vitamins like D and K. This allows the calcium to stick to substances, like the cholesterol in arteries, and harden over time as more builds up. Calcium deposits can form in joints and at the sites of injuries to bones and muscles. If the deposits become large enough, they can be painful and decrease mobility. Conditions like scleroderma can lead to calcifications of soft tissues in the body. Excess calcium consumption can also cause an excess of calcium in the blood that is free to collect in places where it shouldn’t.

These buildups from calcium can be removed with oral chelation therapy. This treatment works by binding the calcium in the deposits, creating a compound that can easily be removed from the body. Joints where buildups occurred feel looser, and arterial blockages can also be cleared by the body. The inflammation of tissues that attracts the buildup is also lessened by the body’s natural processes. Many people find that chelation helps a variety of conditions.

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