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Feebas is one of the most hard pokemon to find in ruby, saphire and emerald, even i dont have one... but im triyng to. This will take maybe hours and days to find, but if your VERY lucky, a few minutes.

To do it, you first gotta have:

- Old, good or super rod.
- have a pokemon that know Surf 
-  "                       Waterfall
- Know how to do it.
First, feebas appears on rute 119, and theres max. 400 Tiles of water, BUT feebas appears only in 6 of them. NO JOKING! 6!
This 6 tiles are random, and changes if you changes your fansy word on dewford, with the boy in front of a house. 
I recommended using old rod, you will waste less time than a super or good rod, making the only pokemons tentacool and magikarp. You gotta fish in every 400 tiles at least 4 times, cause if you fish, luckly, in one of the tiles feebas is, and you pass it fishing only 1 or 2 times, is really bad, but feebas appears with a quality of 70% in the tile he is, but make sure he isnt there.
Now, when you see a feebas, you probably will say, running in all your house: ¡A FEEBAS!!!!! I FOUND IT!!!!. Well stay fishing there and dont stop until you get 3 feebas or a female one. DONT CHANGE YOUR FANSY WORD!!! Feebas will randomly move who knows where and for last, remember where you find it, doing a 'map' like this:

Starting the lake with the fisherman, R - U - U - U - L - U. (R = Right L= Left U= Up)

Hes a very weak pokemon, just like magikarp, he will only appear in lv 20 - 25 with any rod. He will only know Splash and tackle. Unless Magikarp, he can learn TM y HM. So your problaby saying: Why the ---- i want a feebas???!!! well, when you got it you first gotta know what nature he is, one that likes blue pokeblocks is perfect. (Search Pokeblocks) And then the ONLY way to evolve it is giving him blue or indigo pokeblocks, raising beauty. When he cant eat anymore, he will problably be on almost the max of beauty, and then grow up a level and you have your milotic!!!!! One of the most beautys pokemon!!! He or she can learn Very good moves!! And then you can go to the contest and 0wn the others!!!!!!!!!! 
Hope you know how to find him!! And good luck fishing!!!

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