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After spawning find a suitable attack location, preferably dark, high up and with a decent distance from the suvivors. To attack, crouch until your pounce meter is full, aim and attack with primary attack button. For maximum pounce damage attack from on high, but try to make an arching leap, leap up at about a 45 degree angle for max distance, then tilt down to hit your target. The hunter has some control while in flight, but the air time is brief, limiting control. If the survivors are melee spamming in a corner, such as waiting for the elevator in No Mercy, leap up and try to hit them from as sharp an angle as possible and come as close to straight down as possible. Alternatly, an extremely effective attack is to wait until the survivors are dealing with a horde, rush in and slash them with your secondary attack. Try to attack from behind or the sides to minimize the chance of getting melee-stunned. This works very well with Boomer bile on the survivors, as they cant see you. If a survivor is low health(red)it only takes a couple slashes to incap them.

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