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Christianity began with the apostles of Jesus, after the resurrection, spreading the message of the life of Jesus, the teachings of Jesus, and the resurrection of Jesus. St Paul reports that more than 500 people saw Jesus ascend to the heavens.

Soon, the Apostles of Jesus began to write about the life of Jesus, and so the Gospels came to be written. Mark's Gospel is generally accepted to be the first writings about Jesus, soon followed by the Letters of St Paul, the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, also written by St Luke.

Christianity spread to Rome by 63 AD. Peter was martyred in Rome in 65 AD and Paul was martyred there soon after. By 100AD, John had written his gospel and letters; Christianity had spread to Gaul, to Greece, to Asia Minor, North Africa, Egypt, and what we now call Turkey. St Joseph of Arimathea travelled to Britain. It is said that the Holy Grail of Christ was taken to France.

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