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At the age of 17 Joan of Arc left home on the pretext of attending her cousin in childbirth. She went, with her godfather, to the keep of the local balliwick, Lord Baudricourt. He was amused by her and had it in mind to keep her around for the amusement of his men. The longer Joan was around Baudicourt's men, the more he became loyal to her!

She was summonsed to attend the Duke of Lorraine and effect a cure for him. Instead, she told him to mend his ways, send his mistress away, and take back his wife. Astonishingly, the duke responded with a grateful humility. He gave her four francs and a black horse, his son the duke of Anjou, and men to follow her. She told the Duke of Lorraine she would pray for his recovery.

Lord Baudricourt could halt her no more. Soon thereafter Joan set out to see the king, in Chinon. The troop made a 350 mile ride in 11 days. A trick was played on her at court; the king hid dressed as a commoner, and a duke, probably the famous Bluebeard, sat on the throne to test her. Joan avoided him and went to the crowd to find the King. She knelt at his feet of the King, saying "very noble lord dauphin, I am sent by God to bring succour to you and your kingdom."

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