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A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, power components, the implementation of components, control components, auxiliary components (Annex), and hydraulic oil. The role of dynamic components to the original motivation of mechanical energy is converted into fluid pressure energy, oil pump, the hydraulic system to provide power to the entire hydraulic system. The structure of the hydraulic pumps are generally gear pumps, vane pumps and piston pumps. The role of the implementation of components (such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors) is the liquid pressure can be converted to mechanical energy to drive the load for linear reciprocating movement or rotational movement. Control elements (ie, the various hydraulic valves) control and regulation of fluid in the hydraulic system pressure, flow and direction. Control valves, flow control valves and directional control valves, hydraulic valves can be divided into pressure control functions. The pressure control valve is divided into a pressure relief valve (safety valve), pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, pressure relays, etc.; flow control valves including throttle, adjusting valve, shunt current collector valves, etc.; including one-way directional control valve one-way valve, hydraulic control valve, shuttle valve, valve and so on. According to the control of different ways, hydraulic valves can be divided into the switch control valve, set the value of the control valves and proportional control valve. Auxiliary components, including fuel tank, oil filter, tubing and pipe joints, seals, quick-change fittings, high pressure ball valve, hose assembly, pressure joints, pressure gauge, oil level oil temperature meter. The hydraulic oil hydraulic system of the energy transfer medium, there are a variety of mineral oil, emulsion liquid oil hydraulic molding Hop several categories.

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