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First gotta go get the decoder from the director D at Hq -you can go get the glass with finger print or Do eye exam (eye exam you do opposite symbol (exmple: If he point at W you press M) -after completing the eye exam you can get the camo suit at top room of Eye place then (HIDDEN MESSAGE D o n t t r u s t D i r e c t o r D -go to dock put on camo suit sneak gaurds and get your 1st spy in that warehouse or w/e ( you gotta sneak like 3 or 4 guard to get in building)(Then once inside make your way inside vault,there are 4 dogs and 1 guard) -The 1st spy will give you the laser beam and 1st code for lauch sequence that youll need later on (The code is laser) -2nd spy - toupee terrace youll notice there a building with yellow beams make if those and get all the way to top then youll see metal bars on a window.This is when you need the laser beam to cut the bars.Go in and untie him.He will give 2nd p***word(hair)and gr appling bow tie. -Secretary or 3rd spy - This one was hard for me. Gotta go to grease monkey building use grappling hook to get up to too roof top. Then building to the Left of grease monkey rooftop grapple to that.Put on your camo suit and watch out for 1 gaurd. Now there a building To left of building with guard on it (guard is on building left of the grease monkey rooftop) . Well get on that other build hop up to satellite you should see a spy (not third spy) he'll tell you to get on satellite of building with guard on it. When successfully doing so go into that room. You should see a girl in a cage.Now on bottom right hand corner there a cheery bomb tree. Take that cherry bomb and get it up there by those plant that make you jump (not carnivorous plant that bite you). Okay you got her out her cage not she gives you the Ultra vision goggle and the final password (removal) - Final level here where it all comes down to go to toupee terrace at far right is BAD control center.Put on Your Ultra Goggles and Get inside with glass with commander fingerprin t the building. .Back to walk through . Once your in BAD building get all the way to top were you'll see computer thing.Press computer you'll get trapped. Director D will pull you out of the cage and Now you'll need the 3 passwords (laser hair removal) Enter those in and that were director D show his true self. That director is bald . He send out these mini bots after you before you have to fight him. Defeat mini bots by moving to those electric probes thing on corner of room other 4 mini bot so 4 probes. The Mini bot will shock the probes and blow up (don't try to use the camo suit and be invisible it doesn't work I tried) -Final boss - to defeat Director D Just get on the top of his floating building thing and let him ram into the top of wall -Congratulation you beat him and earn the medal.

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