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How do I change my wiki's logo?

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This picture shows where the logo is.

Sample Monaco wiki logo

Monaco logos can be up to 216 pixels wide. The lighter shaded area will be visible to those using the monobook skin.

4 steps Edit

To change a wiki's logo (the image in the top left of your wiki), you need to

  1. create your logo???????????????????????
    • design a small picture that represents your wiki
    • make the picture no taller than 155 pixels
  2. save the logo

Watch out for... Edit

A common mistake is calling the image Wiki.PNG or Wiki.jpg instead of Wiki.png. It is case sensitive. Another mistake is making an image that is too large. Help:Logo shows the correct size to use.

Favicons Edit

Favicons are the small version of the logo that appear in the browser. These are uploaded in the same way, but must be called Favicon.ico. If you can't save ico files, visit a site like HTML kit which will convert any image into a favicon. See Help:Favicon.

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