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How to get a girlfriend.

be nice to them and hold things for them, open doors, compliment them, don't force them to do anything, make them laugh, etc. oh when taking them out on a date offer to pay for everything. when actually going out with them get them things, nothing expensive of course. its the thought that counts. My boyfriend has bought me so many expensive gifts...but its nothing i would have ever picked out..don't get me wrong i love them, all of them. But when he made a bracelet it was prefect. I love it because he made it just for me and its cute too. oh yeah always be nice to your mom or sister its great practice with the whole girlfriend thing. and girls love having a man who is nice to their mom and sisters. well nice in general, but its comforting to know you have a man who understands girls in some kind of way. and when your fighting just let them win sometimes. it depends on their personality but if they love being right and your arguing about something stupid, (like who loves who more) let them win. you could say something like "you win this round but i will win the rest) but don't say i love you if you don't mean it. If you don't know what love is then don't say it. oh and don't dump them for stupid reasons cause then no one will want to date you. words go around. trust me dated a guy after my dad and best friend died and then he dumped me cause i was always said, he's had at least two or three girlfriends in the past three years. none of them lasted long. hope this helped.

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