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Eat Less Exercise More

Answer #2: Assuming your are currently "fat" or at least "not-slim", then the following will make the biggest difference in order of effectiveness. Pick the actions or activities that you can stand and add more as time goes on until you are once again happy with everybody else's opinion of how YOUR body looks.

1. Stop watching TV. The slowly improving functioning of your mental faculties will easily allow you to answer such questions on your own eventually. 2. Stop watching TV so much of the time. 3. Stop drinking carbonated beverages. (For some reason, not clearly apparent to researchers, even calorie free beverages do SOMETHING that winds up making the women studied fatter. This is so obvious, that women getting the infamous stomach staple operation are REQUIRED to agree to stop drinking carbonated beverages, or else the operation could wind up being a totally useless, expensive waste of time.) 4. Swim in a swimming pool regularly. 5. Walk instead of using the car for short trips. 6. Ride a bicycle with a padded seat (gel pads are best) instead of using a car for longer trips. 7. Grab an apple instead of a Snickers bar or bag of chips. 8. Grab a carrot instead of an apple. 9. Grab a stalk of celery instead of a carrot. 10. Stop grabbing food, and thereafter eat only when you are hungry, (this does not mean suffering unduly, just stop eating because it is fun or because it stops your anxiety feelings to have something in your mouth.) 11.If you are married, your husband will like this one:Get on top.

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