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How do I increase Luck?

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In order to increase your luck:


  • Using the Intense Training perk when you level up
  • Wearing armor that raises your luck (Modified Utility Suit, Ranger Battle Armor, Naughty Nightwear, Lucky Shades etc.)
  • In Big Town, heal Timebomb in Red's Clinic and you will be awarded with Lucky 8 Ball
  • Finding the Luck Bobblehead
  • With The Pitt, Ashur's or Tribal Power Armor
  • With Broken DLC, taking the Almost Perfect perk
  • Throw identified valuable gems to a unicorn of your alignment
  • Carry a blessed Luckstone
  • Sacrifice fresh corpses (not of your species unless you're chaotic!) to your deity on an altar of your alignment


  • Practice cannibalism
  • Pray to the wrong gods
  • Break mirrors
  • Walk under ladders
  • Step on cracks in the sidewalk
  • Cross paths with a black cat
  • Open umbrellas indoors

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