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First of all, items: potion x 10, powercharm, armorcharm, whetstone x 20 (just in case), mega demondrug x 1, sm barrel bomb x 4, lg barrel bomb x 3, lg barrel bomb+ x 2 (not necessary but they help. lg barrel bomb + scatterfish)

Supply Box: first aid meds x 9, ration x 8, mini whetstone x 4, supply lg barrel bomb x 2

First time fighting Lao? Here are some decent weapons: Greatsword: Blue Claw Blade , Longsword: Wyvern Blade "Blood" , Lance: Ceanataur Stinger , Hammer: Bull Tusk Hammer

Those are the weapon types I have found most useful when fighting Lao. If you want to try something else, go ahead. Experimentation is good in Monster Hunter. The one thing I won't mention in these guides, SHARPEN. If you don't understand that you should sharpen when you get to orange, or yellow with some weapons, then you won't be doing much damage. A thing to do for this is to make the grinder jewels for the Sword Sharpener skill. It will make this ALOT easier.

Greatswords... you need to use your mega demondrug, then go straight to the supply box and take the items listed above. Go out to area two and wait for Lao. Don't place the bombs just yet, because some people put them in the wrong spot. Wait for Lao to walk into the area so you know exactly where to put them. Use a sm barrel bomb to detonate your larger ones (lg or +, it doesn't matter, you use them all anyway). After he enters the area you can hit, go for the neck. Just use your GS to bounce all the way down his neck, and then do the same to get back up. If you can keep this up the entire quest, you'll more than likely kill him.

Long swords... use the demon drug and get supplies. Place bombs then detonate with small when you can hit him. With a long sword, you can go for his face (easy target) or hit stomach, which is the major weak point. When you go for the face, just swing away. Hit him as many times as possible until the quest is over. If you go for the belly (usually a kill), then you need to be a little more careful. It would be helpful to have anti-wind(high) because of the feet. The only major things to worry about are staying away from the feet, and when you stagger him you need to roll out from under him. He does a small belly flop that will knock you down. It doesn't do alot of damage, but you need to be up so you can keep hitting him. Whether or not you actually kill him is all about luck.

Lances... the classic Lao fighting weapon. Use demon drug and get supplies. Follow same process as before, but when you actually fight him you go for the face. Just keep using your upward stab and jumping back. You will headlock him many many times, and that is just about all you have to do to beat him. Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab... what? The mountain is running away? Well that was easy... Yes it was. Lances are the easiest way to repel a Lao, but hammers are the best to kill.

Hammers... same process as before, but you always go for the belly with a hammer. Get under him and just triple combo away at his stomach until he dies. Watch out for the legs, try not to fall behind when he speeds up, dodge the bellyflop, and all your problems will be solved. This are personally my favorite weapons to fight Lao with, because you can also trip him very easily by hitting the back legs. I would only suggest doing that if you are in a group and you have wind resistance(hi).

I don't know about that rumor that carving the back heals him, because I still get easy kills when I carve the back. Oh well, it's up to you whether or not you want to do it.

I hope you find this useful, if you have any other questions about monster hunter freedom 2 then e-mail me at " "

Hey its Gazzatheanomalystic777 16:43, 31 March 2009 (UTC) . Lao-Shan Lung is a rather easy monster, this is my guide to kill Lao.

If you're a blademaster bring a strong longsword with good dragon atibutes (If it is your first time with this quest, use a longsword with a strong raw power to repel him and use the rewards to make the fire dragonsword, then use it to kill him :]).

First, attack his head until his horn breaks off(one stagger). Then, place two large barrel bomb+ in front of his belly where it is lowest and then detonate them. Anyway, choose small barrel bomb and throw something even hit them. Remember to make sure that you dont get hit by his tail or by his leg. When he falls, go for his weak point with it the belly where you put the large barrel bomb+ earlier. When in an area with a bridge, climb up to it and wait at the side. Wait until after Lao does his rise and bite attack. Once he goes back down and you can see the large flat area on his back, JUMP DOWN straight onto it. Use anti-dragon bombs here (You can carve if you want to but it increases its health a lot). Once in area 5 shoot balistas at Lao (Extra ammo available from the spear rack in the back of base camp) and use the dragonnator. Go berserk on his belly and if you work hard enough you will see a dead Lao-Shan. Press select or start its a glich you're more likly to get a Lao-Shan ruby. Also works for lance users.

Next now for gunners after the movie starts shoot the shoulders. i recommend a dragon bow, fire at the shoulders. Just like BM use anti dragon bombs also only carve if your weapon is very strong. Ok, simply fire at him and don't give up. Use the same BM stratigy for area 5.

Ok, I hoped I helped out a little. If I did that's great. Gazzatheanomalystic777 16:43, 31 March 2009 (UTC), if you need help with anything, email me at

Just a little note, you cannot kill him outside of area 5, as his health can only go down to 1000 before then. (Lao usually has 18000-26000? health)

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