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I wouldn't worry too much about the pisces thing..that's just silly. You can tell if a man is attracted to you by how much attention he pays you, if he is interested in being out with you often, if he often compliments you (not just looks, but your other positive qualities), among other things. Basically, a pisces man attracted to you will act like any other man attracted to you. End of story.

Edit: Don't read into that horoscope stuff all too much. Its just random BS. Look for a man that's just attracted to you in general, no matter his Zodiac sign. The qualities listed above are hints. If he is admiring things beyond your beauty/looks, that's a very good sign that he's attracted to you in a "real" way and not just because you're a pretty face to have around. As in, attracted to you for who you are, not what you are or how you look. Relationships based on that kind of attraction always last longer and are better.

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