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How do I make unlockable characters with game maker?

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Im trying to make a game with unlockable characters but every time I try, I get an error message... the code Im trying is:

///unlock_start/// unlockharru = 1 unlockyuudi = 1 unlockibici = 1 unlocktisue = 1 unlockyosht = 1 unlockshieka = 1 unlockryu = 0 (tells the game what to start out with) unlocksol = 0 unlockken = 0 unlockyarra = 0 unlockkohn = 0 unlockkrieg = 0 unlockkension = 0 unlockyon = 0

///kohn_met/// (tells the game that kohn should be unlocked by now) unlockkohn = 1

///kohnselection (create_event)/// if unlockkohn = o (kohnselection) = visible = false (tells the game to show kohn's icon if kohn has been met... if not then hide it) if unlockkohn = 1 (kohnselection) = visible = true

(just useing kohn as a test player) when I run the game an error message comes up saying that unlockkohn is an unknown variable eventhough I already have the variables set in the unlock start obj.

only in the code box its more structured than that.

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