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Suggested WeaponsAny Good dragon elemental weapon would be good. But as most people who need a guide are not yet at the point where such materials are readily available, some alternatives are thunder element weapons, an easy one to use would be the Eager cleaver or Devil slicer, which ever you can get your hands on. For Bow user's, a Sonic Bow 1 or 2 should also suffice.

[edit] AttacksBack hop (ground): nothing to worry about, hops backwards followed by a "hit me" moment Wind stream (ground): fires a ball of wind that has a wind stream tailing it, turns you into a snowman in mountains, or throws you up in the air if in the town. Wind stream (air): flies in a zig-zag or a circle motion whilst blowing a stream of wind at the ground, same effects as the ground attack Wind ball (air): fires 1 or 3 balls of wind at the ground in front of him, same effects as other wind attacks Aerial attacks (air): hits hunter with tail, stomps on hunter, turns and slashes hunter, flies towards and hits hunter.

[edit] Four Star Chief Quest Guide[edit] Suggested ItemsBring potions, mega potions, thawing agents, flash bombs, hot drinks, get the paintballs, first aid meds, rations and poison throwing knives from the supply box.

[edit] CombatPaintball him, flash bomb him, attack his head as much as you can, repeat until his horns are broken, this stops his wind barrier. next go for his tail, it can be carved once. Then go for wings if you need Daora Claws. Last thing go for head. Easy.

[edit] HR3 quest guide[edit] Suggested ItemsBring potions, mega potions, flash bombs, large barrel bombs and +'s, get the paintballs, bounce bombs, ballista shots, first aid meds, rations and poison throwing knives from the supply box. Go to area one, at a stall with barrels and stuff half-way into area one, there are ballista shots pick them up.

[edit] CombatDaora is either in area 2 or 3, in area 2 be careful with the ballistas as you can get hit by every attack as you see them, but in area three, you can only get hit by the wind stream (ground) attack. when in area 2 all you can do is attack with your own weapons and the ballistas. when Daora is in the air, high up not attacking, when his shadow stops moving between the ballistas, lay your large bombs and +'s. detonate them when he lands. In area 3, get to the top of the wall where the mini-dragonator is, if Daora hasn't seen you yet, throw a flash bomb down, he will see it no matter where he is in the area (as long as he is on the ground), it will not stun him. when he finishes charging at you, and his image on the map is right in front of your arrow, fire the mini-dragonator (press circle when next to button in center of the 2 cannons), this is an easy way to damage his wings very easily. Using the ballista is dangerous but worth it. when Daora flies over to the wall at the bottom of area 3, use bounce bombs on him. use the same bombing strategy as in area 2. the rest is the same as the four star chief quests.

if you have any questions about anything, email me at Gazzatheanomalystic777 16:15, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

[edit] TipsI have been asked "How do you or when do you attack it after my flash bombs are used up?The wind just blows you away!" The answer is simple.The wind come in short intervals,attack it during those intervals and sometimes if you attack more,you won't get blown away. During its attack the wind shot, the interval is longer than usual,to be exact it removes its wind and uses it for its attack.You can attack it during that time as well.If u fight it in the jungle,bring extra lightning rods and the stuff to combine them.

If you are as good as me,you will be able to kill it easy,without extra flash bombs(beside from supply),more than 3 potions and when you are limited to normal rank items.(I got good armor from killing Kirin as its my speciality so you should probably kill it after getting good armour.Get good skills as well to assist you.)

Through experience you will get used to it.I managed to kill it without bringing any flashbombs

"The Kushala Daora is a worthless monster after its head has been broken because you can attack him constantly and still be able to dodge all its attacks. The "ONLY" reason the Daora is so good is because of its wind barrier. If you break the Doara's face it will not be able to use the wind barrier"

(HeArTsTrInGz 15:13, 6 March 2009 (UTC))

also note if your a ds user going into demonization mode can block a few of kushala's wind barriers. but dont rely on this that often

[edit] Kushala Daora with LSIf you are going to beat Kushala in 4 star quests of the elder a good weapon to use is Black Katana MK.2 since is a easy weapon to make, got good sharpness, a bit of defense and nice damage. Take all the potions, mega potions, max potions, etc because 4 star Kushala its hard if you don't have a dragon attribute weapon to break his horns, wings and tail. Kushala will start the fight with a wind barrier so use the flash bombs to take off the barrier and use your poison knives because poison will stand like 10 mins on Kushala Daora. In the time of the poison you have time enough to break his horns so he stop creating the wind barrier that is the main concern. Then after you break his horns if you are interested in his tail aim for it, if you aren't just keep attacking the head and body. I'm 1000% shure you won't kill Kushala on the first quest so he will run in 25 minutes of quest time (only if you have gived enough fight, if you haven't then you have until the end of the quest to kill him).

Important tips

Take FLASH BOMBS!!!!!! They are the main weapon in owning Kushala because he his going to throw random blasts and you can use the time he is flashed to break the wings, tail or horn. Use lightning rods. Kushala is beated by the enormous power of this devices and you can try to lure him into a flash then you use the rods to make him flinch. Don't waste your potions. Think wise before drinking a potion because Kushala can be very fast turning to you and he has no probblem in using his wind blast that will cause snowman status if in snow moutain. If you have MHP2G make shure your felyne have health flute or greater health flute this will be a major help during quest time. If Kushala is flying throw a flash and he will fall and you can get the opportunity to use the spirit bar combo that will cause massive damage.

If your farming Kushala try to get Black Schyte from 5 star quest unlocking pokke farm and using elder dragon bones (ironically obtained in Kuashala Daora). If you are an expert hunter you will farm Kushala with fire dragonsword that can be easily obtained by farming Shen Gaoren (yes it's not a joke) and having bone katana shark (use upgrade weapon to check materials).

Finnaly if you have some suggestions you can put them in here.

This guide may look confuse and huge but if you dont feel like reading this all just follow your natural style.


P.S. Kushala Daora is not hard if you break the horns and cut off the tail. They are the main protection of this elder dragon and they worth 2300 gold each.

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