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If they are really and truly in love, a number of things might happen:

  • They compliment on and admire things beyond your beauty, such as your personality (if he says you're loving, caring, mature, etc.)
  • They DO NOT care about the sex unless it is intimate and you are happy as well.
  • Their first priority is making you happy.
  • They go out of their way to do things for you.
  • They don't wait around for an anniversary or birthday to get you something special.
  • They spend time with you and love talking to you.
  • When you talk, they make eye contact and focus solely on what you're saying.
  • They remember things that you brought up in conversations (a sign that they actually pay attention to you and what you have to say).
  • They ask about you and things you like rather than brag about themselves.
  • They are modest and don't brag to impress you.
  • They are patient and want you to be ready for things before moving on.
  • If you do anything intimate, he pleases you as much or more than you please him. He should care about how you are enjoying things.

There are many more, but those are some basic signs.

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