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Ok, to beat the Haunted House on Poptropica, first pass the graveyard, you don't need to read the tombstones. At the haunted house, you notice there is a sign on the boarded up door. If you want to, you can click on it. There will be a bat flying around with a key in it's mouth. Now you've got to try to get the key. On the far left side of the house, there is a cellar with a lock on it. Just click on it and you should be able to get it open. Go in the basement and you'll notice that there is floating pipes. Click on them to rotate them and get them so they all connect(this should be easy.) The boiler top will have steam coming up, and just jump on top of it. It should make you float up to a ledge. There will be a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it. Get it. Now, pass the boiler and you will see a door. Go through the door and you will be in the haunted house. Go left, and you aren't allowed to get the ice in the fridge yet. There, you will see a flight of stairs. Go up them, and look at the foot of the second flight of stairs. There should be two knights, one without anything (the near one) and one with a pick ax (the far one). Jump on the head of the knight with the pick ax and he will drop it. Pick it up.Go up the flight of stairs above them. Next, you have a choice. Right or Left.

                       Left: You will enter a bedroom. Pick up the phone. After the message, click on the two clocks. Hover your mouse over each one to make it go faster. Make it so the both hit midnight, or 12, at the same time. In the fireplace you will get a lantern. pick it up.
                      Right: Notice when you walk into the room, an arrow shoots over your head onto the wall behind you. it came from cupid. On the floor, there is a spider. Click on it. The spider will hang down and scare the witch. She will drop her broom. Go get it. Hop on it and go back up to the room where cupid was and you will find a space in the ceiling. Go through it. There is a chest that you need  to solve the puzzle to get your item. Watch carefully. Hold down the left button on your mouse, and move the pieces in the direction you want to go. Hint: Do the patteren in REVERSE.You will recieve the chalice. 
             After you complete both rooms, go back down to the fridge. Use the pick ax to get ice. Now go to the ghost cat in the right side of the floor. Go to the basement again, and below the stairway there is a barrel that reads Kerosene. Now go back to the cat. Go back out to the graveyard. next to the statue of an angel crying there is a hole. Go down and.... (I'll leave that for a surprise!) You get 50 credits for beating the haunted House!!

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