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You cannot cheat on ALEKS (math promgram)I have looked into the code, i saw 0 errors and have tried things like creating my own hack for it (took me 3 weeks to finally find out there is litterally no way). I am sorry guys, it can't be done.

Most of Aleks can be handled using a combination of Mathpapa and symbolab equation calculator. Each calculator has a different temperament so it is necessary to switch between the calculators depending on which Aleks topic you are working on.


Mathpapa can squash a lot of the math topics Aleks will throw at you. It is just a matter of understanding how Papa works.

Mathpapa does not really do hypertext, so when working equations with an exponent, you will have to use the ^ symbol. Example: 5 to the power of 3 would be written as 5^3.

When doing inequalities (10>6) in Papa you may need do use the 'greater than or equal to' or the 'less than or equal to' symbols. They look like this ≤ ≥ and is done by just holding option and pressing the lesser than or greater than symbol on your keyboard.

Square root can be solved in Papa by pressing Option V. (√64 = 8)

When using Mathpapa to solve for system equations, simply ad a comma between the equations, then Papa will solve for the rest.

Also, when solving system equations, you can tell Papa to solve specifically for x, y, and so on... He will even plot it out on a line graph.

At times Mathpapa has a hard time differentiating between division and working with fractions. If that is the case, it is best to use the Symbolab equation calculator.

Aleks will generally explain a topic by giving you an example. Run the example through both Mathpapa and Symbolab then choose which is going to work best with the topic. Chances are, one or the other will work.

Aleks and word problems:

Some of the topics Aleks will cover contain lengthy and confusing word problems that are not going to work in either Papa or Symbolab. The best way to get through these is simple data collection and analysis.

Aleks will only have so many variations of a word problem. The values presented in the word problem however have endless combinations.

What you do is ask Aleks for the explanation and take a screenshot. Eventually, Aleks will present the same word problem, only with a different set of values. You then review the screenshot and replace the old values with the new ones.

As long as you request the explanation instead of submitting an answer, Aleks will keep you in the topic indefinitely.

Additional Aleks strategies:

I attend an online university that uses Aleks to teach these math topics. The topics are contained in a module. As a requirement, I have to complete one module a week which may contain 70-100 topics for that week. Every 24 hours, Aleks will drop a knowledge check. What ever you answer wrong in the knowledge check, Aleks will ad that topic back to your deadline. It is best to avoid the knowledge at all costs until your deadline. At the end of the 24 hour period, you will be forced to take the knowledge check, so I would suggest crunching the topics as fast you can. Once the topics are completed, log out of Aleks and stay logged out until the next weeks module sets. This way Aleks cannot tack on those topics so close to the deadline.

To sum it up:

Use the online algebra calculators like Mathpapa and Symbolab. If the calculators seem useless, it usually be solved just by knowing the right hotkeys to use for the calculator.

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