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When it Comes to sex there is no convincing. It is an agreement between to emotionally bonded people. The best way to see if your girlfriend want to take it to the next level would be to ask at an appropriate time. Man up and ask her. You may come across as a little forward or rash but she may also think that you are brave. If she says NO then it's not going to happen. And if that is the case then continue to connect emotionally with her and down the road that answer might turn into a YES! But do not try to convince a girl to get into bed with her. That is not going to get you anywhere. In fact by doing that you would most likely squash any chances of getting that yes. Just pick a stratagy and get it into her head that sex is a wonderful and physical connection that will only make your relationship stronger and more defined. Cdccecceccdvfvftgtgp

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