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After contemplating that question for a very long time myself and spending tons and tons of time trying to find a way to get one I finally figured it out the easiest way I believe. Step one: go to and make and account if you don't already have one. Step two: go to and make an account and enter your paypal address during registration Step three: go to the offers button on the left and do whichever ones you find easiest. My preference are the quizzes, they are the most fun, fast, and usually pay out the most. I've been through a lot these websites that require you do "offers" as they say and 9/10 either pay so little and have a minimum pay out of like $100 or require you to pay more than they give you. The plus side of this place is that it has a minimum $5.00 and some of the quizzes pay like $2.00 even. Step four: go to and buy an account using your paypal account, which is a plus to this combination of sites, the first pays directly to paypal and this one allows you to use it to buy your account. Now if you don't want to spend the time doing the quizzes and stuff as I have you can simply go straight to step 4 but I figure many of you are like myself and need a way to pay for this cause you either don't have access to a credit card or just don't have the money period. Anyway, enjoy.

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